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Divorce Mediation

Menifee Attorney Mediates Divorce Issues


Even under the best circumstances, divorce is an emotionally draining process.  When spouses litigate issues before a judge, the emotional stress and the expense increase exponentially. Fortunately, there are ways to streamline your divorce and reduce costs, while still taking time to achieve your goals for your future.  For many divorcing parties, the transition to being “single” takes time emotionally, spiritually and financially.  Mediation is a useful tool for removing impediments to settlement on important issues.  McVicker’s Family Law Mediation Center charges reasonable fees and offers comprehensive guidance during this alternative dispute resolution mediation process.


Unwinding a divorce is like chopping down a tree.  At times the branches need to be chopped down one by one to reach a healthy resolution.  The best way to control costs during divorce is to negotiate a marital settlement agreement resolving the contested issues and present it to the Court for approval and ratification into what is known as a final Judgment.  Typical issues involve spousal support, child support, child custody, child visitation, pension division, sale of property, dissolving business interests, reimbursements and credits for payment of community expenses, exclusive use of property, etc.  Using the knowledge and over 25 years of experience gained as an accomplished  family law attorney, our neutral certified mediator, T. Elizabeth McVicker, CFLS, skillfully helps you dissolve your marriage with dignity.  There are significant advantages to the divorce mediation process, including:

Control. At McVicker’s Family Law Mediation Center, instead of adhering to the Court’s limited schedule and following its procedural requirements for presentation of issues and evidence, spouses decide the agenda, timing and presentation of what and how issues need to be addressed.  Parties to mediation are permitted to openly discuss issues in an informal atmosphere without the constraints imposed by a public courtroom.  This permits outside of the box thinking and more creativity in reaching mutual resolution.
Cost savings. Litigation costs, including attorney’s fees, expert fees, discovery, court reporter’s fees, request for order fees, and ex parte fees can mount at a frightening speed, potentially causing additional financial hardships. Mediation costs are often equally divided by the parties.  Depending on both parties’ budget, mediation can involve a variety of participants.  The most cost effective form of neutral mediation is when the parties work directly and jointly with the mediator.
Privacy and stress relief. Outside of a crowded and impersonal public courtroom and in the comfort of McVicker’s Family Law Mediation Center, we provide a relaxed and conducive environment to resolve personal and legal disputes.  Our neutral mediator allows clients to speak openly or privately to the mediator in a dignified setting and discuss proposals for settlement. Our unbiased mediator, T. Elizabeth McVicker, CFLS, also permits caucuses, which are separately held meetings with each of the parties, to help understand their individual positions, in furtherance of finding an acceptable result.
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